DSS White on Black

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Introducing DSS White on Black, a classic colorway now available on the best keycap profile. This set is perfect for those who prefer a clean and minimalist look, comfy typing feel, and ABS plastic under your fingers. For this newest iteration of this set I've also strived to get as much 40% coverage in the base kit as possible, and a new CMY mod kit!

Group buy is Live!

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DSS White on Black on a V4N4G0N
DSS White on Black on a V4N4G0N

Group Buy Details

Vendor: Keyboard Arcade

Group buy will run Saturday Feburary 24, 2024 at 10 AM EST to Sunday March 31, 2024 at 4 AM EST.

Shipping is estimated in Q3 2024.

Base Kit: $130

CMY Kit: $25

DSS White on Black kitting
DSS White on Black Kitting

Kitting Overview

For the kitting on this set I wanted to cover as many layouts as possible. It's a basic and classic colorway, I thought it should cover more boards. Here is a KLE of layout examples.

  • Layouts this set covers:
  • All 30% and lower keyboards
  • 4-row ortholinear (Planck-like)
  • 5-row ortholinear (Preonic-like)
  • Numrowless Columnar Staggered Boards (Orbit-x, Reviung39/41, Corne, Kyria, Atreus42)
  • Numrow Col. Staggered Boards (Iris, Atreus62)
  • 10u staggered (QAZ-like)
  • 12u staggered
  • 12.25u staggered (Delilah)
  • 12.5u staggered (Whimsy single-spacebar, UT47.2, Humble40, and Dimple)
  • 12.75u staggered (Minivan-like/V4NAG0N)
  • 13u staggered
  • 14u staggered (Neko split space, TMO50, Adelie)

DSS Details

DSS is a keycap profile created by Signature Plastics, a well-known manufacturer of custom keycaps.

The DSS profile features a spherical shape with a slightly concave top, providing a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience. The keycaps are sculpted, meaning that they have different shapes and sizes depending on their position on the keyboard. This allows for a more natural and efficient typing experience.

Overall, the DSS keycap profile offers a high-quality, visually appealing, and comfortable option for those looking to customize their mechanical keyboard.

SP’s DSS Spec Sheet

SP’s History of Keycap Families

Compare keycap profiles

Signature Plastics does not currently have convex DSS spacebar molds, so the small bars will all be produced in the DSA profile.

Trashcons Reference
Trashcons Reference

Trashcon Details

From the Trash Man Wiki "Trashcons are an alternative icon modifiers set for keycaps produced by Signature Plastics. The icons are a cohesive, simplified set of glyphs that are not directly associated with any existing modifier icons. The icons were designed to be recognizable while also ambiguous enough to allow for flexible legend usage on boards with unique layouts."

Trash Man Wiki for more info

This set will use Trashcon mods in order to pair nicely with other 40s focused DSS sets that also use them. DSS Sencillo in particular if you want to run of BOW accents.


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